Monday, June 3, 2013

AP Language: Devil Final: #11

AP Language: Devil Final: #11: Why did it take so long for Holmes to finally be caught and brought to justice?  Is anyone at fault for this, or is it just the best it coul...

I believe it took so long for Holmes to be brought to justice because he was one of the first serial killers to have existed. In a time when people hadn't experienced crimes to this degree of today they would have never thought that one person could be so cruel as to lure women to his hotel and kill them. In chicago at this time people were just used to the "usual" murder of a person who had done another wrong, but they would only kill that one person and they would have a reason for it. Whereas Holmes killed almost at random and had no reason other than that he enjoyed it. And so without this understanding of what people can really be capable of they trusted Holmes because he had not given them a reason not to that they knew of. In addition police at this time were not as vigilant as they are today purely because they didn't anticipate this type of a killer or thought that one person was capable of so much murder. People during this time were very trustworthy. I feel like the only person at fault for al of this was Holmes himself. If he hadn't been the way he was there wouldn't have been any murders in the first place. The people and police around him were just dealing and reacting to the situations in the best way possible. Because they had been taught that they can trust other people until they did something that denied them that trust.

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