Thursday, May 16, 2013

AP Language: SH5 versus The Things They Carried

AP Language: SH5 versus The Things They Carried: In your first sections of reading from The Things They Carried , what have you noticed in the novel that is similar to SH5 ?  Briefly summa...

They way that Tim O'Brien writes is very similar to Vonneguts in that it is a very short and choppy type of writing. They both go from one story or situation freely and without warning really. They both are trying to  make us feel the feelings they had during the war. Even though we know that their stories aren't wholly true, we believe them because of the feeling they give us which is exactly what both authors are trying to do. Make us actually feel what they felt. In addition they both put themselves in their stories. Talking about the process they went through to get to the point where they actually wrote the stories. Also they put themselves in the actual story parts about war too but only in a minor way. Another similarity is that they both didn't want to actually write the book but felt they had to, in order to keep living.

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